Automatic Knives

The Kershaw Launch series is a collection of sleek, fast, instant-open knives. A push-button lock holds the blade in place under pressure from a coil spring. Pushing the button releases the lock, and the blade springs open, ready for use. 

Spyderco Automatic Knives are specifically designed for tactical environments. The Spyderco Autonomy model revolutionized automatic knife design with several pioneering features, including a patented module that allows the blade’s kick spring to be easily replaced without complete disassembly. The Autonomy 2 packs all the defining qualities of the original into a stout, high-performance auto optimized for general utility use. where light discipline is a concern

Automatic knives are federally restricted items. Sale of these items is limited to qualified personnel only, as defined in the statutory language of 18 U.S.C. Section 1716(g)(2)(1-4) and 15 U.S.C. Section 1244(2-4). You must also comply with all applicable local and state laws, statutes, and regulations related to the purchase and possession of automatic knives. Purchasing and/ or possessing an automatic knife may subject you to criminal liability

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